In Brief: Top 10 ‘non-traditional’ aid donors

Photo: Wikimedia
Kuwait was the largest ‘non-traditional’ development donor in 2007, excluding Saudi Arabia figures

OXFORD, 29 March 2010 (IRIN) – Some 36 bilateral and multilateral development donors have made their aid and loan figures available online for the first time, enabling analysts to build a more accurate picture of who is funding what and where.

The donors, not members of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC), tend to apportion a greater share of aid to their neighbours than do DAC donors, according to a preliminary study by Axel Dreher of Göettingen University.

Below are the top 10 non-DAC bilateral and multilateral givers in 2007 (the most recent figures available). Saudi Arabia, one of the largest non-DAC donors – giving US$472 million in 2005 – does not feature, as recent figures are not available.

“There is a cultural shift when it comes to expectations of information-sharing,” Owen Barder, an economist with NGO Development Initiatives told IRIN at an Oxford conference launching the donor aid database. “Donors need to liberate their data. It will soon seem strange that you can spend $160 million and not tell anyone how.”

Top 10 non-DAC bilateral donors in 2007: 

Donor Total Commitments (US$)
Kuwait  $667,333,097
Qatar   $95,000,000
South Africa  $53,756,417
Thailand  $16,121,634
Iceland  $7,223,328
Brazil  $6,495,261
Lithuania  $3,167,079
Monaco  $2,899,963
Hungary  $2,696,839
Estonia  $2,307,779
Non-DAC multilateral bank donors in 2007
 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  $7,662,974,112 
 Corporación Andina de Fomento  $6,606,000,000
 Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development  $1,320,893,178
 OPEC  $723,631,400
 International Fund for Agricultural Development  $548,528,000
World Bank Managed Trust Funds  $540,617,925
Caribbean Development Bank  $189,073,000
Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa  $179,600,000
World Bank Guarantee  $160,000,000
World Bank Carbon Offset  $102,431,525


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