Abuses by Guinea’s Security Forces




Officers Take Sides Politically, Abuse People Affiliated With Certain Party
When contested election results in Guinea led to outbreaks of political and ethnic violence, security forces used lethal force against some protesters and targeted the Peuhl ethnic group – who supported a different party than most security force members did.

At least seven people died and 220 were wounded in the post-election violence, which erupted between supporters of presidential candidates Alpha Condé and Cellou Dalein Diallo and security forces in several cities.

Interviews with 80 victims and witnesses made clear that security forces, dominated by ethnic groups who largely supported Condé’s party, used excessive force to suppress violent protests by the Peuhl, who were rioting because of perceived electoral irregularities against Diallo, their candidate.

Officers made ethnic comments, like, “You, the Peuhl, will never rule the country.” They stole mobile telephones, money, and household items from people suspected of supporting Diallo. Security forces also supported civilian mobs of Condé supporters.

Although the officers may have sought to quell the violence that seized the cities, they failed to provide equal protection to all Guineans.

Guinea’s Supreme Court is expected to announce the election results this week. Despite the violence, this election was considered Guinea’s freest in 50 years.



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